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If you have an upgrade project you would like to discuss, we would be glad to go over what your options are, and the best way we can help you reach your goals. Turbo upgrade options range from a simple 360° bearing upgrade to a fully custom jobs that requires machining to every component, and everything in between. The table at the bottom of the page lists some of the more popular performance upgrades available. If you would like to have your turbo upgraded, please pack it well and send it to us with this REBUILD FORM filled out. Common upgrade options are listed in bold print below. If you do not see a specific upgrade listed that you are looking for, please SEND US AN EMAIL or give us a call.

Machine Shop Turbo Upgrade Turbocharger
Billet Compressor Wheel Upgrades

We have options that range from stock/drop-in billet compressor wheels to totally customized billet wheels. Customization examples: almost any inducer/exducer measurement, blade design, angle/profiles. All billet wheels we offer are the highest quality available, and come from the same factories as the OE manufacturer's wheels do. Prices will vary based on options chosen.

Bearing and Seal Upgrades

This would be the most basic upgrade which includes a stepped gap piston ring instead of a standard piston ring, and/or a heavy duty 360° thrust bearing instead of a bronze 270° bearing. These items add durability and longevity to the turbo, and we would recommend this upgrade to anyone who pushes their turbo to the limits, uses extremely high boost, or someone who would just like to know that they had the highest quality, most durable parts installed in their turbo.

Turbine Wheel Upgrades

Turbine wheel upgrades range from drop in wheels with different blade counts to increase flow or decrease spool-up time, to larger wheels that require machining of the turbine housing.

Compressor Housing & Turbine Housing Upgrades

We currently offer T51R Mods for most common performance turbo compressor housings; T04S, T04Z, T04E, Precision, Turbonetics, Garrett, Holset, etc. In addition to to the T51R Modification upgrade, we have high flow compressor housing upgrades and turbine housing AR ratio changes for more performance.

Custom Turbo Machining Solutions

The compact designs and configurations of today's modern turbo make it very difficult when needing to machine turbochargers for upgrades. The years of helping our customers overcome these issues has really given us the experience needed to be able to quickly and efficiently take on these challenges to help you reach your goal for more performance, durability, and longevity.

Some machining is simple and straightforward, and can be completed easily, while other machining jobs could require a custom-made jig or fixture. This makes it necessary to first discuss what your needs/goals are, and then would require an inspection of your turbo(s) to be able to tell you what can be done, as well as give you an accurate price quote for the project. If you have a custom turbo project you would like to discuss, send us an email or give us a call to get started. Prices will vary depending on the type of turbo you have, and the upgrade options that are specific to your turbo.

Upgraded 360 Turbocharger Bearings  Turbo Seals
High Flow Turbocharger Turbo Turbine Wheel
T51R Mod Garrett T04S Modification Upgrade
Turbocharger Upgrades Billet Compressor Wheel

Popular Performance Upgrades:

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