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Ceramic Coating

Exhaust heat from the engine can produce up to 75% of the energy needed to spool your turbo. The main reason for ceramic coating the turbine housing, is to help it better retain heat, which in turn leads to better spool up. Ceramic coating the exhaust side of the turbo also reduces under-hood temperatures, prevents rust and corrosion, increases the durability of the metal, and gives the parts a long lasting finish that looks great. We apply a coating to the turbine housing and bearing housing that is rated at up to 1,800°F. This improves not only the look of the bare cast iron, but the performance as well. The starting price for this service is $105. Stock color options are silver and titanium. Custom colors are available; please call for details and pricing.

Powder Coating

Powder coating the aluminum compressor housing provides a durable finish that looks great, and protects the housing from corrosion. The starting price for this service is $55. We can do this in almost any color you can imagine, but some options may require special order. Please call for details and pricing.

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