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Seal Types for Garrett T3, T4, & T3/T4 Turbos

There are three different types of compressor end seals for these turbos: a 1-piece encapsulated carbon seal (Kit #1), a 4-piece carbon seal assembly (Kit #2), and a dynamic seal (Kit #3). The seal type that you need will depend on the application. This can sometimes be identified based on vehicle make and model or turbocharger part number, but in some cases disassembly of the turbo may be required. It is not uncommon for seal types from the factory to have been changed to another type of seal (backing plates will also be different). Thus, the part number on the turbo may not accurately identify the seal type. We may not be able to determine which seal type is needed based off of the information that you give us. If you would like to order a kit without verifying the seal that your turbo uses, Kit #4 can be purchased. It is a universal kit that includes all three seal types. So if you need to minimize down time and want to know that you have every part you need, Kit #4 is your answer.

Garrett Turbocharger T3 T4 Seal types Carbon Dynamic Turbocharger

If after looking at the information below and picture above you are still unsure of which type you need, send us an email and we will be glad to help.

Buick Regal, LeSabre, and Riviera up to '83; Ford/Mercury '79-'80 Mustang & Capri 2.3L; Nissan 280zx '81-'83; Nissan 300zx '84-'85; Pontiac TransAm '80-'81. Instructions for how to install a 1-Piece carbon seal, click here.

Buick Regal, Riviera, T-Type, GNX, and Grand National from '84-'87; Chrysler/Dodge '84-'87 and all Turbo II's (Shelby, Daytona, Laser, LeBaron, Charger, etc.); Ford/Mercury '83-'86 Capri, Cougar, Mustang, SVO, and Turbo Coupe; Nissan 300zx '85.5-'87; Peugeot '85-'88 505 and 505 STI

AMC Renalt Fuego '82-'85; Ford/Mercury '84-'85 Mark VI and T-Bird (w/2.4L Diesel BMW engine); Mercedes Benz 300 Series from '78-'87; Peugeot '79-'85.5 506 and 604; Saab 99 EMS '79-'80; 900 '81; 900 APC '82-'85; 900 '84-'87 2.0L 16V; 9000 '86-'88; Volkswagon '82-'85 Golf, Jetta, Rabbit, Quantum; Volvo '81-'87 200 Series, 700, 740, 760

This is a universal kit that includes all three seal types. It is a good option if you are unsure of which type of seal you need and want to minimize down time by having all three types on hand.

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