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Your Turbo Specialists

Specializing in rebuilds, upgrades, and the highest quality repair parts

We are a family owned and operated business specializing in turbocharger rebuilding and upgrading, including both stock and performance upgrades. We sell new and remanufactured turbos as well as high-quality rebuild kits, cartridges, and other turbo parts for most OEM makes/models. Most of what we do is for OEM and custom automotive applications, but we handle industrial and agricultural applications as well.

Our Services

Turbocharger Rebuilding Quality Turbo Repair


We rebuild almost all makes and models of turbos for auto, light truck, small industrial, and agricultural applications.

Precision Turbocharger Machining Turbo Upgrade


Turbo upgrade options range from a simple 360° bearing upgrade to a fully custom jobs that requires machining to every component, and everything in between. 

Turbocharger Balancing Turbo VSR Machine


Industry standard low speed equipment for component parts and rotating assemblies, as well as VSR balancing for both medium and high speeds and oil pressure testing.

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