Your Turbo Specialists
Specializing in rebuilds, upgrades, and the highest quality repair parts

Personal Customer Service

G-Pop Shop is a family business. We give excellent customer service that is personal and specific to each customer's needs. The people you want to talk to either answer your call or email, or they are very close by. You will be dealing with the guys who do the work! You will get responsive technical assistance through email or by phone (8:00am - 12:00 noon, M - F). You will also find us very considerate if you need for us to be flexible with payments, completion date, shipping, etc. And if we ever make a mistake, we will take responsibility for it. We trust you will find us eager to help you!

Quality Consciousness

We do turbos and nothing else, so we know them well! All machining, balancing, and rebuilding is done in-house, thus we are in control of the quality process. Work is checked and re-checked, and we take no shortcuts. We only sell OEM parts or better, and your turbo will be rebuilt to OEM specifications / tolerances / clearances. All internal parts are replaced with new ones. Your turbo assembly will be professionally balanced to within 1/2 gram oz. or less - this exceeds industry standard.

Technical Expertise

We have rebuilt, upgraded, and balanced more than 6,000 turbos since 2004 with a successful/quality rebuild percentage of 98.7%. But more important than our 15 years of ASE Master Tech experience and our Master Turbo Rebuilder credentials, is our desire and willingness to share that experience with our customers. This will help you confidently install the turbo we rebuild for you or help you purchase. We not only have the tools, the equipment, and the experience to properly do your turbo work, you will get the very best work that we can do - from the dis-assembly and cleaning process, to the way your turbo is packed and shipped.


We know that it is helpful to hear about others' experiences with a company before deciding to purchase. We have created this page for customer's comments that we have received after a transaction. We hope that this helps you get a feel for what kind of business we do:

"It's a pleasure doing business with you. It's not very often one comes across such professional helpful companies as yours, who give that little extra, taking time to input their personal touches by keeping their customers informed + helping out with advice."

- Jo

"I just wanted to let you know that the turbo I received from you is working GREAT! I'm not sure if it was the degraded state of my old turbo or the porting and polishing of the newer turbo, but I have instant boost at any RPM like I have never had before. I am having a lot of fun on the back roads to work. Thanks again for the outstanding service and stellar product. Your Customer for Life."

- Mark

"I manage customer service at my work and must say, you are as prompt, courteous and reliable as I expect my crew to be. I appreciate all of your efforts and willingness to go that extra mile... Thank you again. I certainly will keep your name and reputation handy for any one I meet in need of your services. "

- Elissa

"I just received my turbo and after removing it from the box, my first thought was "magnificent". You even took the time to spruce up the extra parts that I had not removed before shipping. I cannot thank you guys (and your team) enough. If I ever find myself in or around Springdale, AR I will be sure to stop by so I may shake your hands and thank you in person. I cannot wait to install this and fire the old girl up."

- David

"Of everyone I spoke with, in person and online, you and your shop came out on top. I was told stories of inability to get a new one, long wait to get a new one, or parts are too expensive to fix it. Your comment "In some cases, it is not if it can be done, but if it is worth being done" is what sealed the deal for me. That was one of the most honest answers I received from anyone. My tractor went from smoking like a coal fired train to running clean as it should. I couldn't ask for more. I will definitely recommend you to anyone, and also not hesitate to use you again should the need arise."

- Tim

"I wanted to thank you for the very courteous and professional service that I received. I appreciated the phone call that I received letting me know that it had arrived, the required work and the cost. I had read that a turbo requires priming during installation and was pleasantly surprised to see the complete instructions included with the rebuild that I could give to my mechanic-- “just in case”."

- John