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**Rebuild Instructions are available for the most common kits that we sell. We send them along with your kit, but can email them if you prefer.**

Our turbo rebuild kits are of the highest quality and are made right here in the United States or in the UK. All of the bearings are hardened brass or bronze, not aluminum. The parts are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We think that you will be very pleased with the quality of the parts.

Whether you just need one seal, or a complete rebuild kit with all of the hardware, we can get you what you need.

We carry a full line of turbocharger rebuild kits for most makes and models of turbos. If you don’t see what you need listed, contact us and we will probably be able to get it for you. Many of the rebuild kits that we carry will come in these three forms: basic, stock, and complete.

Here are the differences:

  • Basic Kits: A basic kit will include all seals and bearings needed to “freshen up” your turbo. No thrust parts are included.

  • Stock Kits: 90% of the time a stock rebuild kit is all that is needed for a rebuild. It will include all seals and bearings, plus any common wearable internal parts such as the thrust collar, thrust washer, etc… This will vary depending on what type of turbo you have.

  • Complete Kits: This kit is recommended if you do not know what is wrong with your turbo, or if you are just wanting to go ahead and replace everything internally to make sure everything will be in new working condition. Complete kits normally have every available replaceable part included. This will include all thrust parts, bolts, clamps, and attaching hardware.

  • High Performance Kits: High-performance kits include a stepped-gap piston ring instead of the standard piston ring (if your turbo model has this option), as well as a heavy duty 360° thrust bearing instead of the 270° bronze thrust bearing. These parts are well worth the additional expense; they add durability and longevity to the turbo. We recommend a high-performance kit to anyone who pushes their turbo to its limits, uses extremely high boost, or someone who would just like knowing they have the highest quality and most durable parts available installed in their turbo.

  • Custom Kits: We can build custom kits to suit your needs or requirements. Email us, and we can give you a quote for a custom kit.

How to determine your turbo model in order to purchase the correct rebuild kit:

If you know you need a rebuild kit, but aren’t sure which turbo model you have, we can help you determine what you have and which kit you will need from the following information:

1. The turbo part number is the simplest way to determine which turbo model you have. Part numbers are located in different places on different types of turbos. Here are some examples of where part numbers will be located:

  • Garrett Turbos: The part number for Garrett turbos will be found on a tag that is located either on the compressor housing backing plate, or on the bearing housing/center section. An example of a Garrett part number is 466491-5

  • Mitsubishi Turbos: The part number for Mitsubishi turbos is stamped or cast into the compressor housing. An example of a Mitsubishi part number is 49177-06420

  • Holset Turbos: The part number for Holset turbos will be found on a tag which is located on the compressor housing. An example of a Holset part number is 3535833

  • KKK Turbos: The part number for KKK turbos will be found on a tag which is located on the compressor housing. An example of a KKK part number is either 5303 988 0003 or 058 145 703J

2. By emailing us the year, model, and engine size for the vehicle of the turbo’s original application

3. By emailing us pictures of the turbo

*DISCLAIMER: Some manufacturers names, numbers, symbols and descriptions used here are for reference purposes only and do not imply that all parts are the product of these manufacturers.

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