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Turbocharger Rebuild kit for IHI model RHF5 Turbo (Oil & Water Version). These turbos were used on SUBARU VF40 VF46, VOLKSWAGEN, VAG, AUDI, SEAT, MAZDA, ISUZU, VM, KIA, TOYOTA, FIAT, YANMAR, KOMATSU, JIT, NISSAN, DAIHATSU, PORSCHE, kia, as well as other applications. If you are not sure if this kit fits your turbo, please email us with your part # and we will be glad to verify which kit you need.

IHI Turbo RHF5 Turbocharger Rebuild Kit SUBARU VF40 VF46

  • (2) Journal Bearings
    (1) Piston Ring for Turbine end
    (1) Piston Ring for Compressor end
    (1) Thrust Bearing
    (1) Thrust Washer
    (1) Thrust Collar
    (1) Exhaust Journal Bearing Retaining Ring
    (3) Thrust Bearing Screws
    (4) Compressor Housing to Seal Plate Bolts
    (1) Compressor Nut
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