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G-Pop Shop Heavy duty High Performance TD04 Superback kit. It includes the heavy duty 360 thrust bearing with extra oiling ports and the stepped gap pistion ring seal for the turbine end. Some common TD04 turbo applications are Volvo, Saab, many Subaru including WRX's, Kubota, Bobcat, CAT and many more.


For an overview of the different compressor wheel types in these turbos CLICK HERE. Parts included in the kit are listed in the table on the right and indicated by the numbered circles in the diagram. 


*Applications and Part numbers are provided as reference only.

Mitsubishi MHI TURBOCHARGER TD04 Superback HP Turbo Rebuild Kit

SKU: TD0-9
  • #1 Journal Bearings (2)
    #2 Snap Rings/Spiral Locks (use which are applicable)
    #3 Stepped Gap Piston Ring for Turbine end
    #5 O-Ring for Compressor Housing
    #6 Thrust Ring
    #7 Heavy Duty 360 Thrust Bearing
    #8 O-Ring for Seal Plate
    #9 Thrust Collar (Superback)
    #11 Piston Ring for Compressor end
    #12 Seal Plate (Superback)
    #13 Snap Ring for Seal Plate
    #14 Shaft Nut
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