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Our High Performance rebuild kits include a heavy duty 360° thrust bearing and a step gap piston ring that will increase the durability and longevity of your turbo.


Parts included in the kit are listed in the table on the right and indicated by the numbered circles in the diagram.

Garrett Turbonetics Precision Big Shaft Turbo High Performance Rebuild Kit

  • #1 Journal Bearings
    #2 Retaining Rings for Journal Bearings
    #3 Piston Ring for Turbine end
    #4 Thrust Bearing
    #6 Piston Ring for Compressor end
    #7 Seal Ring for Bearing Housing
    #8 Thrust Spring
    #9 Shaft Nut
    #10 O-Ring/Gasket for Compressor Housing
    #13 Clamps for Compressor end
    #17 Bolts for Turbine end
    #18 Clamps for Turbine end
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